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Athenos products are made the Greek way—
simply and with respect for the ingredients.

Like our Feta, which requires extra time and care to create the perfect creamy, tangy taste. From our smooth, flavorful hummus to our crispy pita chips, Athenos offers delicious options for any snack or meal.
To help demonstrate how Athenos products can give your favorite dishes a Greek twist, we sent our most valuable export, Yiayia, to the new world. Salty and weathered as the craggy shores of Greece, Yiayia doesn't approve of much, but she does approve of using Athenos. So we put her in front of the camera to help Chef Jessica to show how old-world technique fits in any modern kitchen.
Explore to see all of Yiayia's cooking videos, try out hundreds of new recipes, find Athenos products locally, and more.
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